Date(s) Recorded



Whiplash (Levy) – 4:25
Sladka Pitka (Leviev) – 6:40
Devil Made Me Write This Piece (Ellis) – 6:00
Go Back Home (Falzone) – 3:15
Invincible (Ellis) – 6:43
Image of Maria (Ellis) – 3:03
Sidonie (Fried) – 6:37
Nicole (Ellis) – 5:29


Don Ellis – Trumpet, Drums, Flugelhorn
Milcho Leviev – Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Clavinet
Bruce Mackay – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Doug Bixby – Tuba
Vince Denham – Flute, Piccolo, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax
Jay Graydon – Guitar
Gary Herbig – Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Baritone Sax, Soprano Sax
Ralph Humphrey – Drums
Mike Jamieson – Trombone
Sidney Muldrow – French Horn
Lee Pastora – Conga
Gil Rathel – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Fred Selden – Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
Dave McDaniel – Bass
Renita Koven – Viola
Jack Caudill – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Earle Correy – Violin
Ron Dunn – Percussion, Drums
Sam Falzone – Clarinet, Flute, Tenor Sax
Pat Kudzia – Cello
Joel Quivey – Violin
Ken Sawhill – Bass Trombone


PAUSA PR-7028 (1973)
BASF MPS 25123 (1974)


Different packaging (back cover only) for PAUSA and BASF releases. Soaring (1973) temporarily disengages the commercial approach found in Connection and continues the musical direction set by Tears of Joy. Soaring contains the last recorded examples of Ellis’s use of the echoplex, and also capture Ellis’s performance on drums. Ellis composed four of the eight original selections.


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