Live in 3 2/3 /4 Time

Live In 3 2/3/4 TimeLive_in_3_and_2_Thirds_Four_Time

Date(s) Recorded

October 1966



Don Ellis – Trumpet
Ruben Leon – Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute
Joe Roccisano – Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Tom Scott – Alto Sax, Saxello, Flute, Clarinet
Ira Schulman – Tenor Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Ron Starr – Tenor Sax, Flute, Clarinet
John Magruder – Baritone Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Dave MacKay – Piano
Steve Bohannon – Drums
Frank DeLaRosa – Bass
Chuck Domanico – Bass
Alan Estes – Drums, Timbales
Bob Harmon – Trumpet
David MacKay – Piano
Ron Myers – Trombone
Ray Neapolitan – Bass
Dave Parlato – Bass
David Sanchez – Trombone
Mark Stevens – Percussion
Glenn Stuart – Trumpet
Carlos “Patato” Valdes – Bongos, Conga
Chino Valdes – Bongos, Conga
Edward Warren – Trumpet
Alan Weight – Trumpet
Dave Wells – Trombone
Terry Woodson – Trombone (Bass)
Ed Warren – Trumpet
David Sanchez – Trombone

Liner Notes

Leonard Feather


Pacific Jazz ST-20123 (1967)
Pacific Jazz CD23996 (2000) – CD Reissue: Available at CDNOW for $14.49


“Orientation,” “Angel Eyes,” and “Freedom Jazz Dance” were recorded October 10, 1966 at the Pacific Jazz Festival in Costa Mesa, CA. All remaining tracks (including an alternate version of “Freedom Jazz Dance”) were recorded several months later at Shelly’s Manne Hole in Los Angeles. Ellis’s arrangement of Jaki Byard’s “One Note” is mislabeled on the recording as the “Johnny One-Note,” a Rodgers & Hart composition.

In addition to
Manne Hole in Los Angeles for their first extended appearance and at the 1966 Pacific Jazz Festival in Costa Mesa, California. The recording Live in 3 2/3/ 4 Time, released in 1966, features takes from both of these appearances and continues the overall musical direction demonstrated in Live at Monterey. The selections on these first two big band recordings include arrangements of jazz standards as well as compositions by Ellis, Hank Levy, Howlett Smith, Ruben Leon. Collectively, the performances present a fusion of various musical elements including jazz, bossa nova, classical, American folk music, and the music of non-Western cultures.

The eclectic nature of their selections notwithstanding, Live in Monterey and Live in 3 2/3 /4 Time are stylistically-related.


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