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Please note that I have no association whatsoever with the Don Ellis estate, the Ellis family, or the Don Ellis Memorial Library. I am merely a huge fan of Don Ellis and his art and have built this fan site to help continue and grow the awareness of his brilliant contributions.

The current contact information for The Don Ellis Memorial Library is:

UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive
1630 Schoenberg Hall
Box 951657
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1657
310-206-4738 FAX

The Don Ellis Series of Printed Charts from UNC Jazz Press

  • Bob

    Nice site. I’m a huge fan too and met Don (took photos) when he came to the local college (Cal State Fullerton) in 1972 or 1973. I was in high school then. I kept the (crude – one color) concert poster from that event. I scanned it and have it if anyone is interested.

  • I’d be happy to add the photos to the site if you email them to me at the email address above. Thanks.

  • Robert Taylor

    They had a copy of Tears Of Joy in the YMCA pool with a turntable and speakers under water be your own DJ

    • Robert Taylor

      Don Ellis was on the Ed Sullivan Show there dosent seem to be any video available who has it ?

      • I am unaware of this video Robert. If you successfully track it down, I’d be happy to add a link to it on the site.

        • Robert Taylor

          there was a series the Best of Sullivan on UHF they took out the obnoxcious comedians like joan rivers and allen king just music clips I don’t have it

        • Nick Di Scala

          It was on YouTube briefly. There must have been copyright issues as it was quickly taken down. The clip was a very abbreviated version of Concerto for Trumpet. Afterward, Don comes center stage and shakes hands with Ed. Very surreal.

          I heard somewhere that Don was on the Tonight Show once and the Tonight Show band played Final Analysis. The ending was apparently littered with players stepping in the holes–very uncharacteristically sloppy for that band. Would love to see that someday.

  • Robert Taylor
  • Ken Orton

    Hi Sean, Good to find this Don Ellis site. I did not play with the DE band, but have been an avid supporter of his music since the early 1960s. Just after Don’s death I became close friends with his parents, Glenn Stuart and Hank Levy. It was Don’s parents that gave me written permission to access and use all his music in 1983. In England, I directed the Don Ellis Connection (various groups / orchestra dedicated to Don’s music). Don’s biography books and indeed, the recreation of his music became a labor of love. If anyone requires any info about Don, I’m sure I will have it. Best…

    • Hi Ken. Bravo on all your Don Ellis work. I edited the post and deleted the incorrect passage about you playing with Don Ellis. If there’s anything you’d like to to add to this site, please let me know — I’d be happy to post anything you’d suggest along with a link and proper citation.

      • Ken Orton

        Thanks Sean! I now have 4 recordings of my DE Connection on You Tube Watch: VULCAN (full video from concert at Coventry Univ.).
        Do it Easy, Brass Orchid, Hold On! (audio w pics). These last 3 were not recorded by Don.

    • Bob Rutherford

      Do you have a copy of Black Baby?

      • Ken Orton

        Bob, Back in the 1980s when the DE archive was at Eastfield College, Texas, I did a search for Black Baby -Words & trumpet solo accomp.- however could not find any trace of it. I understand that the words were written by Patti Allen and that the trumpet solo by Don were both performed from memory – improvised, hence, no music.

  • Bob Rutherford

    Do you know if the music and words to Black Baby from the Goes Underground album is available anywhere?

    • Nick Di Scala

      I don’t know for sure about this, Bob, but my guess is that Don just improvised that to Patti’s poem. I don’t know if the poem is actually Patti’s or not either. I don’t think there is any attribution on the album. If there isn’t one to the contrary, it would make sense that Patti wrote the words and Don just blew behind her.

  • Hope Larson

    Is there a score available anywhere for 33 222 1 222?

    • Ken Orton

      I did a search way back for this chart, but could only find a few pages of worn parts that I hoped to have copied and maybe reconstruct score. However, no copies received, so no progress. There just maybe something out there, for I’ve since heard that Don did pass on some earlier material to friends. Must apologise for late reply – I’ve been out of action for some time.

  • Ron

    2017 Soaring reissue.
    Sounds fantastic, nice packaging as well.
    Far better than the 2008 Universal issue

  • Waltraud Caroline Keyn

    My brother WIELAND GEORG KEYN has playing 1977/78 with the orchester of DON ELLIS by the music of the film “star-wars”.

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