Don Ellis at Fillmore

Don Ellis at FillmoreDon_Ellis_at_Filmore

Date(s) Recorded

June 18-21, 1970


Final Analysis (Ellis) – 14:00
Excursion II (Klemmer) – 5:44
The Magic Bus Ate My Doughnut (Selden) – 2:29
The Blues (Ellis) – 7:25
Salvatore Sam (Ellis) – 5:06
Rock Odyssey (Levy) – 9:48
Hey Jude (Lennon/McCartney) – 10:38
Antea (Levy) – 5:59
Old Man’s Tear (Klemmer) – 4:53
Great Divide (Ellis) – 8:42
Pussy Wiggle Stomp (Ellis) – 11:54


Don Ellis – Trumpet, Drums
John Klemmer – Saxophone, Winds
Tom Garvin – Piano
John Clark – Saxophone, Winds
Doug Bixby – Bass, Tuba
Stuart Blumberg – Trumpet
Ernie Carlson – Trombone
Jack Coan – Trumpet
Ronnie Dunn – Percussion, Drums
Sam Faizone – Saxophone, Winds
Glen Ferris – Trombone
Jay Graydon – Guitar
Ralph Humphrey – Drums
Dennis Parker – Bass
Lee Pastora – Conga
John Rosenberg – Trumpet
Fred Seldon – Saxophone, Wind
Lonnie Shetter – Saxophone, Wind
Glenn Stuart – Trumpet
Don Switzer – Bass Trombone
Don Quigley – Tuba


Columbia CG 30243 (1970)


Recorded live

Bill Graham’s Fillmore West in San Francisco, CA.

Don Ellis at Fillmore – recorded live in 1970 – features several of Ellis’s most famous compositions including “Pussy Wiggle Stomp,” “The Great Divide,” and “Final Analysis.” The double-LP release garnered a Grammy nomination and includes an off-the-wall psychedelic arrangement of Lennon and McCartney’s “Hey Jude.” The performance of another song borrowed from the pop domain – along with the inclusion of Hank Levy’s composition titled “Rock Odyssey” – confirms Ellis’s lingering connection to rock influences.


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