Dissertation table of contents

Don Ellis Dissertation

I. Introduction
Survey of Ellis Sources
The Don Ellis Memorial Library
Ellis Recordings
Liner Notes
Ellis Writings
Scholarly Works
Dissertation Overview

II. Brief Biography & Stylistic Evolution

Childhood & Early Music Instruction (1934 – 1952)
College Years (1952 – 1956)
Sideman Years (1956 – 1960)
Small Band Leader (1960 – 1963)
Exposure To Music Of Non-Western Cultures (1963 – 1965)
Early Big Band (1965 – 1970)
Late Big Band (1970-78)

III. Historical Background

Brief History of Jazz Rhythms Through 1960
Regular Pulse vs. Absence of Regular Pulse
The Development of Unconventional Meters in Jazz
Attitudes Toward Unconventional Meters In Jazz
Summary of Historical Background

IV. Analysis of Ellis Writings and Theories (1965-1973)

Introduction to Ellis’s Writings on Exotic Rhythms
Description of Ellis’s Documents on Exotic Rhythms
Analytic Overview of Ellis’s Writings on Exotic Rhythms
Exotic Meters
“Straight Ahead” meters
Additive meters
Irregular Subdivisions of the Beat and Unequal Beats
Rhythmic Superimpositions
Superimpositions Within the Barlines
Superimpositions Over the Barlines
Metrical Superimposition in Exact Multiples
Ellis’s Two Categories of “New Rhythms” Combined
Inconsistencies and Peculiarities in Ellis’s Rhythmic Practice
Ellis’s Theory and Notation vs. Aural Perception

V. Ellis’s Use of Exotic Rhythms in Composition (Analytical)

Analytical Approach
Analysis of “Strawberry Soup”
First Chorus
Second Chorus
Third Chorus
Fourth Chorus
Fifth Chorus
Sixth Chorus
Seventh Chorus
Eighth Chorus
Ninth Chorus
Shout Chorus
Drum Routine
Second Half
Blues Coda
Summary of Strawberry Soup Analysis

VI. Conclusion


Appendix – Discography


Table 1: Commercial Recordings of Don Ellis
Table 2: Ellis Liner Notes
Table 3: Selected Ellis Writings
Table 4: Comparing Superimposed Beat-Subdivisions to Original
Table 5: Possible Subcategories of Increasing Complexity1
Table 6: Structural Breakdown of First Chorus of “Strawberry Soup”
Table 7: Stratified Metrical Layers of 8th Chorus of “Strawberry Soup”
Table 8: “Strawberry Soup” Drum Routine Structure
Table 9: “Strawberry Soup” Structural Summary


Figure 1: The New Rhythm Book Cover
Figure 2: Rhythm Title Page
Figure 3: Architectural Levels of Rhythm According to Smither
Figure 4: Sub-Categories of “Exotic Meters”
Figure 5: Two Categories of Ellis’s “Exotic Rhythms”
Figure 6: Irregular Patterns in Ellis’s Example of Superimposition Over the Barline
Figure 7: Sample Metrical Superimposition Matrix from Rhythm
Figure 8: Ellis’s Sub-categories of “Rhythmic Superimpositions”
Figure 9: Ellis’s Intersection of “Exotic Rhythms” Categories
Figure 10: Syllables From the Indian Counting System from The New Rhythm Book


Ex. 1: “5/4 Getaway” Example of “Straight Ahead”
Ex. 2: “How’s This for Openers?” Example of Additive Meters
Ex. 3: Ellis’s Superimposition Within the Barline from The New Rhythm Book
Ex. 4: Ellis’s Superimposition Over the Barline (Simple) from The New Rhythm Book
Ex. 5: Ellis’s Superimposition Over the Barline (Complex) from The New Rhythm Book
Ex. 6: Ellis’s Example of Tihai from The New Rhythm Book
Ex. 7: “How’s This for Openers?” Metrical Superimposition in Exact Multiples
Ex. 8: “33 222 1 222? Opening Bass Line Ostinato
Ex. 9: Structural Schema of “Strawberry Soup”
Ex. 10: “Strawberry Soup” Two Measures of 9/8 Superimposed on 9/4
Ex. 11: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 1-4
Ex. 12: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 5-8
Ex. 13: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 9-12
Ex. 14: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 13-14
Ex. 15: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 15-18
Ex. 16: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 19-24
Ex. 17: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 25-28
Ex. 18: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 29-32
Ex. 19: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 33-36
Ex. 20: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 37-40
Ex. 21: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 59-62
Ex. 22: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 63-70
Ex. 23: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 74-78
Ex. 24: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 83-85
Ex. 25: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 89-96
Ex. 26: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 97- 106
Ex. 27: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 107-114
Ex. 28: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 143-148
Ex. 29: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 151-152
Ex. 30: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 189-193
Ex. 31: “Strawberry Soup” mm. 197-198
Ex. 32: “Strawberry Soup” – Ostinato
Ex. 33: “Strawberry Soup” Drum Routine (from manuscript)
Ex. 34: “Strawberry Soup” — Second Half of 9th Chorus
Ex. 35: “Strawberry Soup” — Blues Coda


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