About Us

For the most part, “About Us” is more accurately “About Me.” However, “About Me” didn’t seem to be an appropriate label for web site navigation.


My name is Sean Fenlon, and I am a huge admirer of Don Ellis and his art. I was first introduced to the music of Don Ellis while I was studying composition with Hank Levy at Towson University from 1986-1990. I later attended The Peabody Institute of Music, where I completed my doctoral dissertation, The Exotic Rhythms of Don Ellis. I have made this dissertation available online for free for all to enjoy.

Don Ellis has had a remarkable influence on my own musical language. I have closely assimilated Ellis’s approach to rhythm in my own jazz-influenced compositions. I hope that the information contained within this site ultimately encourages renewed interest in the life and art of Don Ellis.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss Don Ellis or the information contained on this website.

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